Stratobel Colour White Mat 80

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Stratobel Colour features a range of eight classic colours inspired by mother nature combined with the properties and specifications of laminated Stratobel and Stratophone glass. The greys and browns lend character to your projects while delivering visual comfort and light transmission. Combine films of the same colour to achieve the desired degree of opacity. Use multiple matt white PVB films (Mat 80 and Mat 65) for the perfect solution that protects you from prying eyes while still letting in light. Opaque versions are also possible for applications requiring no light transmission.

In other words, you can create infinite variations for your external architecture and interior design projects.

Stratobel Colour is available in eight classic colours, combining superb aesthetics with the safety and security of laminated glass.

  • Stratobel Colour Terra Brown*
  • Stratobel Colour Sandy Brown*
  • Stratobel Colour Mineral Grey*
  • Stratobel Colour Stone Grey*
  • Stratobel Colour White Mat 65*
  • Stratobel Colour White Mat 80*
  • Stratobel Colour White Opaque*
  • Stratobel Colour Black Opaque*

* Planibel Clearlite can be replaced with our super transparent Planibel Clearvision to make the colours appear more prominent.

Stratobel Colour Classic Benefits

Stratobel Colour Classic Product range

Black Opaque
Mineral Grey
Sandy Brown
Stone Grey
Terra Brown
White Mat 65
White Mat 80
White Opaque

My Colour by Stratobel

With the My Colour by Stratobel service, clients can create custom colours specifically tailored to the requirements of each project. Creating assemblies with anywhere from one to four coloured PVB interlayers offers thousands of possibilities!
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Hugues Lefevre
Hugues Lefèvre
Product Manager Health, Safety and Security Glass, Europe
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I started my career at AGC 25 years ago and while I had the opportunity to grow and evolve in various business units and departments, I never stopped being amazed at how versatile and innovative glass is. Glass offers so many solutions and helps to make our world a better, healthier and safer place to live in. There is no way not to be passionate about this amazing and noble material!

Stratobel Colour Classic Applications