Eric Delgoffe
Eric Delgoffe

Another important use of glass in the building was as decoration in the elevators, where we used three different colours of AGC Matelac. Matelac glass has a matt finish, but it's still glass in terms of maintenance, durability and appearance. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

Franky Symoens
Franky Symoens
Managing Director

For this specific case, we searched the market and came across AGC’s Coating on Demand service, which soon proved to be the best solution since it delivered the same aesthetics as the original. When the Coating on Demand mock-up was placed next to the original glazing from the 1960s, they were stunningly identical.

Juliane Wolf
Juliane Wolf
Design Principal and Partner

It only took three days! On day 1 we selected the desired tints via a rendering engine with a calibrated screen. On day 2 we looked at actual glass samples that were produced overnight. And the next morning we were able to review IGU’s of transparent and spandrel panels that had been mocked up for us. The knowledgeable staff and speedy turnaround at AGC were very impressive and effective.

Nicola Vitarelli

We specialise in high-quality products and original designs, and we use advanced technology and high-tech tools to get the job done.

AGC Fineo
Mr. Prunet

Our goal – ecologically and economically – was to insulate the house as much as possible, starting with insulating the roof and replacing the 30 windows with more insulating glazing.