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Imagine being able to customise a project or to project a brand identity!

With the My Colour by Stratobel service, clients can create custom colours specifically tailored to the requirements of each project. Creating assemblies with anywhere from one to four coloured PVB interlayers offers thousands of possibilities! Using our specially developed online tool, AGC experts guide clients through the entire process, from the design phase to creating a sample, from producing a quote to placing the order.

You now have it in your power to create infinite variations for your exterior architecture and interior designs.

My Colour by Stratobel Benefits

Bhadresh Parbhoo
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Bhadresh Parbhoo
International Building Projects Manager Belux
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I love to be on the spot to find new architectural projects that could feature our great portfolio of products and solutions. Working in close collaboration with architects and engineers is a great opportunity and finding the right solutions for their specific needs is very satisfying. Every project brings new and exciting challenges to crack, which makes my job so diverse and enjoyable. Your Dreams, Our Challenge – that’s our motto.

My Colour by Stratobel Applications

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Decorative Solutions Brochure

Facade Glazing Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
Technical Doc

Laminated Glass Warranty
Technical Doc

My Colour by Stratobel Datasheet

Stratobel Colour Leaflet

Stratobel Material Properties of PVB Technical Document
Technical Doc

Stratobel Processing Guide
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