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Bhadresh Parbhoo
International Building Projects Manager Belux

I love to be on the spot to find new architectural projects that could feature our great portfolio of products and solutions. Working in close collaboration with architects and engineers is a great opportunity and finding the right solutions for their specific needs is very satisfying. Every project brings new and exciting challenges to crack, which makes my job so diverse and enjoyable. Your Dreams, Our Challenge – that’s our motto.

Short biography

Bhadresh Parbhoo is IBP Manager Belux at AGC Glass Europe. With more than 25 years of experience in the glass industry, he has become a valuable business partner for architects, supporting them in large national and international building projects. He holds an MSc Construction Engineer, Building & Civil Construction Engineering from ECAM Brussels Engineering School in Belgium.

What is your role?

“First of all to explore the market for architectural projects exceeding 1,000 m2 of glazing. And to be on the lookout for any opportunity that might present itself. In practice, that has me turning to my well-thumbed address book in which architects enjoy a favoured position. But I also interact with all construction actors, such as investors, real estate professionals, designers, engineers, general contractors and facade-makers.”

How do you manage your projects?

“As soon as I learn about a project, I find out what kind of project it is and try to meet the designer in order to suggest AGC solutions at the earliest possible stage. I am a link between architects, designers and our AGC plants. Starting from the plans, architects describe their wishes and I suggest the best glass solutions for their needs. These solutions cover the entire AGC portfolio, including solar coatings, fire-resistant, oversized and active glass solutions, WaveThru, vacuum glazing and interior glass. Sometimes we even offer custom solutions, in some cases requiring specific R&D development, including specific calculations and technical advice provided by our Technical Advisory Service."

Does your role stop once these specifications have been defined?

“Not at all! As the architect often wants something unique while the general contractor or facade-maker needs to stay within an allocated budget, I need to find the best balance so that the project can be executed as closely as possible to the initial design. To that end, I must ensure that the AGC solution is embedded downstream in all the various processing channels (processing done by AGC or by one of our independent processing partners). It is my job to get in touch with the various parties involved in the order. I am also in contact with my IBP colleagues to ensure close follow-up if the processor or facade maker is located outside the Belux market.”

Can you tell us more about some challenges you had to overcome in recent projects?

“The recent Quatuor Building project is a good example. For this project located near the Gare du Nord in Brussels my biggest challenge was to integrate our photovoltaic cells behind a silkscreen pattern on the vertical laminated glass louvres printed on both sides. The cells are only located on the side of the louvre facing the sun but the aesthetics needed to remain the same on both sides of the louvres. To achieve this, we worked on a new development with our AGC Technovation Center.

Another challenge was to produce the triple glazing for Okyanus Group in Turkey. Our IBP team managed all the logistical aspects to process these glazing units locally."

Some noteworthy projects

Some recent noteworthy installations in Belgium include the new NATO HQ (Evere), Council of Europe (Brussels), European Parliament (Brussels), Silver Tower (Brussels), Astro Tower (Brussels), The One (Brussels), Multi Tower (Brussels), Mobius Towers (Brussels), Quatuor Building (Brussels), CBTC (Brussels), Connector (Brussels airport), BNP Paribas Fortis HQ (Brussels), New Chirec Delta Hospital (Brussels), AZ Zeno (Knokke), Clinic Montlegia (Liège), Gare Maritime (Tour et Taxi), Brucity (Brussels), PWC (Diegem), Axa HQ (Brussels), De Krook (Gent), Ghelamco Arena Football Stadium (Gent), Bosuil Stadium (Antwerp), as well as the Warsaw Spire in Warsaw designed by a Belgian architect.