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AGC has developed a permanent coating that protects the glass surface and drastically slows the ageing process when in contact with water and detergents by preventing dirt from sticking to the glass surface. Unlike aftermarket products, the Luxclear Protect coating fuses with the glass and permanently seals the glass surface to prevent the glass from appearing hazy and dull. In addition, this product is covered by a 10-year no-corrosion warranty. 

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Deepthi Kurian
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When we recognised that our market was struggling to differentiate between environmentally ‘clean’ products and others, we set out to find a third-party product standard that would ensure that our products with better environmental performance could be easily differentiated from others on the market.

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Showers: our solutions

Imagin has three ranges: Imagin Clear, Imagin Sandblasted for enhanced privacy and Imagin Wired with built-in metal mesh for safety. Several products in the Imagin Wired range are ideal for applications requiring flame-retardant properties.

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Available in 10 colours, Lacobel T is suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications.

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For a shower as bright and transparent as the very first day.

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Available in 10 colours, Matelac T is suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications.

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High-quality base glass for every type of processing or added-value feature in the AGC range.

A range of 7 coloured glass products prized for their aesthetics and excellent solar control.

Extra-clear float glass with unparalleled 92% light transmission for maximum daylight benefits.

AGC’s brand of Laminated structural product.