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AGC’s extensive decorative glass range is the largest on the market, catering to various needs and designs while offering a multitude of associated services. This makes AGC your decorative partner par excellence. AGC works with preferred installation partners in various countries who can handle your project from start to finish.  We also offer specially designed bonding solutions that guarantee perfect adhesion. 

Deepthi Kurian
Sustainability & Product Stewardship Specialist
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When we recognised that our market was struggling to differentiate between environmentally ‘clean’ products and others, we set out to find a third-party product standard that would ensure that our products with better environmental performance could be easily differentiated from others on the market.

Architectural projects gallery

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Innovative glass boards for primary schoolchildren
case study image
Decorative glass enhances office block refurbishment
case study image
Striking red back wall elevates foyer and reception area
case study image
Belgium's modern, multi-functional temple to football
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Custom decorative painted glass matches company's livery

Wall cladding: our solutions

The full FIX-IN range comprises five products tested and approved by AGC that enable the perfect and durable installation of our back painted glass and mirrors.

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Available in 24 colours, Lacobel is for interior applications only.

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Available in 10 colours, Lacobel T is suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications.

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Available in 15 colours, Matelac is for interior applications only.

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Available in 10 colours, Matelac T is suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications.

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Antique mirror, lends a touch of splendour to any interior.

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Fully opaque lead-free mirror, the solution for backlit applications, available in 5 colours.

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High-quality standard mirrors for enhanced spaces, available in 5 colours.

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Unlimited choice of custom colours for interior applications.