Jakoba Mulderhuis
Architekten Cie.
The Netherlands

The Jakoba Mulderhuis – the latest structure to grace the Amstel Campus at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) – will accommodate some six or seven thousand students from the Faculty of Technology.

AGC-Jakoba Mulderhuis

The facade features ipasol Ultraselect 62/29, whose multifunctional coating not only delivers solar control and noise reduction, but also enhanced sustainability: the building has been awarded BREEAM Excellent certification. Two-sided fire-resistant Pyrobel 16 T provides extra safety.

Lively facade

Former architecture students Marc Koehler (Marc Koehler Architects) and Nanne de Ru (Powerhouse Company) worked together on the design and, in 2014, brought in Architekten Cie. to join the design team. The result is a sustainable and flexible education building that features an open design and state-of-the-art facilities, in other words perfect for the rich learning environment. The venue successfully integrates education, research and professional practice with the local neighbourhood. Subtle psychology has been incorporated into the facade, giving it a playful and lively feel. When viewed from any angle, a pattern can be seen moving up and across the facade, from left to right, symbolising students’ progress and development as they advance through their studies.

Solar control and acoustic insulation

Based on the principles of passive building, the construction is airtight with excellent insulation, thanks in part to the solar control and acoustic glazing. AGC Kempenglas produced the glass in various compositions in jumbo sizes (i.e. bigger than 2,700 x 2,700 mm). The ipasol Ultraselect 62/29 includes a black Warm Edge spacer. Those facades exposed to the most noise were fitted with glazing in which both the outer and inner panes are Stratophone laminated glass featuring an acoustic PVB interlayer.


Since the glass is virtually the same thickness on all facades, the result is a uniform appearance across the entire exterior of the building in terms of reflection and colour. While that alone was reason enough to opt for this glass, it was also chosen for its acoustic performance as well as the fact that it was available in a fire-resistant version delivering the same look and feel.

"This is the toughened version of Pyrobel, AGC's coated fire-resistant glass that is perfect for large sizes. Whether viewed from outside or inside, you can't see the difference compared with insulating glass that is not fire-resistant. This glass complies with EW30 and EW60 classifications and is used at the corners of the glass facade of the stairwell between the upper and lower parts of the building, near the atrium.

AGC-Jakoba Mulderhuis
AGC-Jakoba Mulderhuis