CF Moller Architects

Featuring flexibly designed laboratories and office facilities, Biomedicum – located at the Karolinska Institutet, one of the world's leading medical universities, and based in Stockholm Sweden – provides an intensive environment for future research. The laboratory, one of the most modern in Europe, attracts staff and researchers from around the world.

Biomedicum with AGC glass

The Biomedicum complex consists of four buildings, with laboratories built around an eight-storey atrium wrapped in a transparent double-shell facade. The glass-covered atrium enables the campus’ outdoor space to continue into and through the building.

The eleven-storey structure covers 65,000 m2 and accommodates 1,600 researchers and staff. Biomedicum is one of the first laboratories in Sweden to be awarded AECB Environmental Building Silver certification.

Distinctive facade

CF Moller Architects specified a laminated coated glass combination comprising Stratobel 88.2 and ipasol Ultraselect 62/29 to absorb and reflect part of the sun’s heat and light.

Biomedicum's green double-shell facade creates a transition between the neighbouring Aula Medica and Widerströmska buildings, while at the same time showcasing its own distinct identity and design language.

Each section of glass in the double shell is angled, which not only creates a more dynamic facade but also means that the facade is perceived differently from different angles. From the front it is almost completely transparent, from one side green and closed, and from the other side almost completely glazed and mirrored.

Biomedicum with AGC glass
Biomedicum with AGC glass
Biomedicum with AGC glass
Biomedicum with AGC glass