22 Bishopsgate
PLP Architecture
United Kingdom

Eight underground lines within walking distance, five international airports, 20 million people within an hour's commute: the location of 22 Bishopsgate in the centre of London's financial district could not be more ideal. The project – designed by PLP Architecture – boasts an equally impressive history, along with special architecture and exemplary sustainability. The closed cavity facade – featuring nearly 70,000 m2 of Cradle to Cradle Certified glazing supplied by AGC Interpane – sets new technical and aesthetic standards.


Standing 278 metres tall, the majestic skyscraper was completed in 2020. This vertical city’s 23-sided, multifaceted form expresses a splendid aesthetic while focusing squarely on the well-being of users and occupants. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, the architects created impressive spaces while maximising daylight control and fresh air to support and promote the well-being of people working in the office spaces.

State-of-the-art closed cavity facade

Highly transparent glazing from AGC Interpane (part of AGC Glass Europe) was selected for the special closed cavity facade (CCF) used in the 22 Bishopsgate project. The fully glazed facade utilises a smart blind system, which plays a major role in mitigating solar gain and therefore enhancing energy efficiency. Storey-height units of varying widths and an iplus Low-E coating form the inner skin of the CCF units. The outer skin of the CCF units comprises laminated safety glass panes with an ipasol Bright White solar control coating.

The path to perfect glazing

In terms of design, PLP Architecture focused from an early stage on the aesthetic impact of the large glazed area of the facade, especially when it came to choosing the coatings. From the outside, the facade was designed to have a modest, discreet reflection in order to give it ‘presence’. AGC’s unique realistic rendering software played a key role in helping the project team define the right glass specifications.

In the end, they opted for ipasol Bright White solar control coating on laminated Clearvision low-iron float glass to achieve the desired aesthetic: The facade’s appearance changes over the course of the day, responding fluidly and seamlessly to the surrounding environment, and alternating between opaque, translucent and completely transparent.

BREEAM Excellent

The building was awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating. CO2 emissions were reduced by 35% compared to the requirements set out in the current building regulations, and a U-value (Ucw) of 1.1 W/(m2K) was achieved for the entire facade system.