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AGC has developed security glass solutions for single and double glazing units. Our new range features protective products capable of withstanding physical assaults, such as thefts, attacks, firearms and explosions, and delivers solutions for every scenario. By using a complex assembly of glass and interlayers our security glass provides maximum protection suitable for banks, retail outlets, prisons, public spaces and even building facades.

Stratobel Security Benefits

cradle to cradle bronze
These products are Cradle to Cradle Certified®Bronze.
Our driving principle is to develop products that have a positive impact on the environment during their lifetime. More than 75% of our products are Cradle to Cradle Certified® .
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Stratobel Security Product range

Stratobel Security Bullet

Stratobel Security Bullet is laminated glass that complies with EN 1063. It delivers protection against various kinds of weapons and ammunition.

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Stratobel Security Burglary

Stratobel Security Burglary is laminated glass that complies with European standard EN 356. It delivers protection against organised theft and manual attack (levels P6B, P7B and P8B). For levels P1A to P5A, please see the “Stratobel range”.

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Stratobel Security Explosion

Stratobel Security Explosion is high-performance laminated glazing designed to protect people from the impact of explosions: both the blast itself and the projection of glass shards. This range complies with EN 13541.

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I love to be on the spot to find new architectural projects that could feature our great portfolio of products and solutions. Working in close collaboration with architects and engineers is a great opportunity and finding the right solutions for their specific needs is very satisfying. Every project brings new and exciting challenges to crack, which makes my job so diverse and enjoyable. Your Dreams, Our Challenge – that’s our motto.

Stratobel Security Applications

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