MooReR - Verona

Clearsight, the anti-reflective glass from AGC Glass Europe, is increasingly being deployed in showcases and shop windows. One great example can be found in the Belgian seaside town of Knokke, where boutique MooRER Verona – following in the footsteps of Cafmeyer Gallery – is showcasing its high-end fashion offerings through a crystal-clear front window. Shop manager Isadora Nunes Dos Santos has noticed that people are now stopping in front of the window, whereas they used to walk right past. "In retail, it's all about attracting interest and stimulating the senses. The first little nudge, getting passers-by to stop and look through the shop window, wasn't working. But now it's like there is no glass there at all. When I dress a mannequin and then go outside to see how it looks, it's like I can reach out and touch it."

Showcases and shop windows are often fitted with single laminated or double high-performance glazing. But this kind of 'untreated' glass has a reflection level of up to 18%, depending on the type. Clearsight anti-reflective glass solves this problem since it features a special coating that slashes reflection to less than 2%, resulting in glass that is virtually invisible.

Clearsight transforms a highly reflective storefront into a premium calling card.

Clearsight is suitable for interior applications, but can also be processed into insulating glass units for facade applications. For MooRER, this innovative glass was installed in a double-glazed and laminated safety version.

AGC Clearsight is strong, scratch-resistant and Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver.