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At AGC we are firmly committed to making life easier for our partners. To that end, Balustra was developed with architects and installers in mind. This ready-to-install glass balustrade can be embedded in the floor, slab-fitted or fixed to stair treads . Since it incorporates special heat-treated glass, architects and installers have no safety concerns when using this product, even under the most severe conditions. In fact, our system is so safe it has received Technical Approval from the CSTB (France).

It’s also flexible enough to easily process and can be customised in many ways, yielding countless design options.

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Balustra L
Balustra L

The glazing is held at the base by a system of steel plates attached to the building shell.

Balustra P
Balustra P

The glazing is held at the base by a system of point fasteners provided.

Bhadresh Parbhoo
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Bhadresh Parbhoo
International Building Projects Manager Belux
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I love to be on the spot to find new architectural projects that could feature our great portfolio of products and solutions. Working in close collaboration with architects and engineers is a great opportunity and finding the right solutions for their specific needs is very satisfying. Every project brings new and exciting challenges to crack, which makes my job so diverse and enjoyable. Your Dreams, Our Challenge – that’s our motto.

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