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The Stuctura range consists of pre-drilled glass assembled by a system of metal fixing points.

With a perfectly smooth outside surface, the walls made of structural glazing feel transparent and light, revealing the building's internal load-bearing structure and giving it clean seamless look.

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Structura Product range

Structura Duo

A structural glazing system using double glazing. The solution recommended by AGC when a high level of thermal insulation or solar control is required. Structura Duo combines the appearance of structural glazing with the features of the most efficient insulating glass units (low-e, solar control, etc.).

Structura Duo+

Featuring new composite materials to replace the metal fittings, i.e. improving insulation and enhancing the appearance of the installed system. This solution is specifically suited to facades located in temperate and cold climates, such as central and northern European countries.

Structura Support

The ideal complement to Structura Vision and Duo/Duo+ glazing for a fully transparent facade. Structura Support replaces opaque metal structures with transparent elements, such as glass fins and beams.

Structura Vision

A structural glazing system using single glazing (monolithic or laminated). Can be used to assemble large glass sheets and support external stresses.

Structura Décor

Patented structural glazing system using opaque glass cladding covering all or part of a surface. Silkscreen printed and enamelled glass is used in this system. Structura Décor can be used to clad vertical walls with a smooth and unbroken glass skin. This system is specifically suited to the thermal renovation of opaque facades (insulation from the exterior side).

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