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AGC’s FIX-IN glass bonding solution for designer glass is perfect for multiple bonding and fitting requirements in interior applications. It includes all you need for a perfect glass installation: silicone adhesive, primer and surface activator.

In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty against paint discolouration, peeling and cracking on the back of the glass when used with Mirox, Lacobel and Matelac (including SAFE+ versions) and a 10-year warranty when used with Lacobel T and Matelac T.

FIX-IN products are available at along with glass cleaning and processing tools.

FIX-IN Benefits

FIX-IN Product range


FIX-IN AT is a double-sided adhesive foam tape. In addition to providing initial tack, FIX-IN AT can also function as a spacer to maintain the correct distance between the back of the glass and the substrate (for curing and ventilation purposes) in combination with AGC FIX-IN SL silicone adhesive.

Compatible with:

  • Lacobel (SAFE+) and Lacobel T
  • Matelac (SAFE+) and Matelac T
  • Mirox (SAFE+)

FIX-IN PR wall surface primer needs to be applied onto porous substrates prior to using the FIX-IN SL silicone.


FIX-IN SA surface activator is a cleaner and adhesion promoter in one. FIX-IN SA has to be used for all AGC glass products with a SAFE+ foil. The liquid must be applied onto the SAFE+ foil prior to using FIX-IN SL silicone.

Use in combination with:

  • Lacobel SAFE+
  • Matelac SAFE+
  • Mirox SAFE+

FIX-IN SL is a high-quality, neutral, elastic low modulus single component adhesive / sealant based on special silicone polymers (Alcoxy).

Compatible with:

  • Lacobel (SAFE+) and Lacobel T
  • Matelac (SAFE+) and Matelac T
  • Mirox (SAFE+)

Touch-up paint for small scratches on painted glass that might occur during installation or processing of the glass.

Compatible with :

  • Lacobel

  • Lacobel T

  • Matelac

  • Matelac T

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