Lacobel and Matelac Clever Boards
Czech Republic

At the Antonína Sochora elementary school in the town of Duchcov, Czech Republic, traditional blackboards have been replaced with innovative Lacobel and Matelac Clever Boards: sheets of glossy or matt painted glass (Lacobel and Matelac, respectively) that can be used as magnetic writing boards. Clever Boards were chosen as a replacement for traditional boards due to their attractive design, practicality, simple, quick installation and easy maintenance.

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AGC-Matelac clever boards

Customised boards

Lacobel and Matelac Clever Boards can be supplied in any size and shape the customer wants – either as a board or as full-wall glass cladding (measuring up to 321 cm x 228 cm). Cut-outs can be included, if required. The boards are available in a wide range of colours and either a glossy or matt finish.

Safety first

AGC’s SAFE+ film can be applied to the Clever Boards to make them extra safe. Naturally, the glass used complies with standard EN 12600. Clever Boards are typically affixed directly to the wall using AGC’s certified FIX-IN adhesive system.

Magnetic glass whiteboards and full-wall cladding

Lacobel and Matelac Clever Boards by AGC are the ideal solution for spaces that typically feature writing and presentation areas, such as schools, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, reception areas, waiting rooms and children's bedrooms. They are also a modern and practical design accessory suitable for any interior.

AGC-Lacobel Clever boards
AGC-Lacobel Clever boards
AGC-Lacobel Clever boards