Advanced glazing solutions are increasingly prevalent in domestic appliances, commercial refrigeration equipment and food displays. By applying special pyrolytic or magnetron coatings to the glass surface, the glass becomes a perfect barrier that either keeps heat out of commercial refrigerators or saves energy and significantly reduces the temperature on the outside of oven doors. Thanks to the glass’ high level of neutrality and transparency, the food is perfectly visible to users.

Why choose AGC for domestic appliances and commercial refrigeration applications?

AGC offers two product ranges to meet the needs of the domestic appliance and commercial refrigeration market: a low-e pyrolytic coating range and a low-e magnetron coating range. These high-end products – the result of extensive research and the latest technologies – deliver numerous benefits for ovens, food displays and commercial refrigerators.

Low-e pyrolytic range

Planibel G, G fasT, Pure Comfort 10 and Pure Comfort 14 are all clear glass to which a pyrolytic low-e coating has been applied to the surface of the glass at high temperature by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) during the float glass production process.

  • Their main characteristics are (see brochure for more detailed information):
  • Enhanced transparency and a neutral appearance
  • Easy processability, no edge-deletion needed
  • Stable emissivity even when exposed to very high processing temperatures
  • Unparalleled scratch-resistance, thanks to the unique surface treatment
  • Heat-reflecting coating
  • Easy to bend
  • Enhanced electrical conductivity
Focus on Pure Comfort

Pure Comfort 10 offers excellent thermal insulation, its low emissivity (0.10) remains stable even when exposed to very high processing temperatures (easy to bend). Thanks to a special AGC surface treatment Pure Comfort 10 delivers unparalleled scratch resistance making it even easier to process and maintain.

Pure Comfort 14 is highly prized for its very neutral appearance and good thermal insulation, its low emissivity (0.13) remains stable even when exposed to very high processing temperatures (easy to bend).

Low-e magnetron range

This low-e magnetron range comprises two products: iplus 1.1T and iplus 1.0T, both of which deliver excellent light transmission, enhanced transparency and neutral colour rendering, allowing users to see products on display without any alteration in colour.

In addition, iplus 1.0T on Clearlite provides superior thermal insulation, keeping goods cool and protecting shoppers in the aisle from the cold.

Both products are ideal for commercial refrigeration equipment.

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