Lakhta Center
Saint Petersburg
Tony Kettle and Gorproject CJCS

Soaring above the Primorsky business district on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Lakhta Center is an ultra-modern complex that combines office space (including the headquarters of Gazprom) with recreational and cultural facilities.

The Lakhta Center was designed by British architect Tony Kettle and Russian architectural firm Gorproject CJCS. The complex comprises a 462m tall tower standing over a boomerang-shaped multifunctional building just over 80m tall at its highest point (different parts of the multifunctional building have anywhere between 7 and 17 storeys). A 24m tall arch serves as the main entrance to the Lakhta Center.

The Lakhta Center is LEED Platinum CertifiedTM. It was built with sustainability in mind and energy-efficient glass was used throughout.

Innovative glass solutions were used to glaze both the tower and the multifunctional building:

  • 16,595 double-glazed units were specially made for the project.
  • Each double-glazed unit features a complex high-tech design in the form of a curved parallelogram 4.2 m high and weighing 740 kg. These units were made in Germany at the AGC Interpane factory.
  • Laminated glass was used on the outside of the double-glazed unit. The laminated glass consists of ipasol Bright White solar control glass and Stopray Vision 72T multifunctional glass. This combination of glass types enhances the strength of the outer shell of each glazing unit, ensuring safety and protection from cold winds.
  • ipasol Bright White design glass delivers attractive aesthetics for the complex, while at the same time ensuring optimal light transmission and solar control.
  • Stopray Vision enhances the solar control function of the outer glass and adds heat-saving efficiency to panoramic glazing.
  • The inner part of these innovative double-glazed units comprises Planibel Linea Azzurra with transparent blue edges, creating a stunning shimmering effect on the exterior of the building.