With AGC painted glass you can give your bathroom or kitchen a whole new look in just a few easy steps.

Available in large dimensions and a wide range of colours, Lacobel (glossy) and Matelac (matt) offer countless possibilities for renovating your bathroom or kitchen furniture and covering your walls. With the help of a professional – or even by yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast – you can renovate without having to tear anything down. It's quicker and more environmentally friendly!

To renovate a bathroom you don't have to tear anything down: the painted glass can be applied directly on top of the existing tiling.

Prepare the wall

Make sure the wall is perfectly flat and that the tiles adhere properly.

Apply the silicone and adhesive to the wall

Apply the FIX-IN SL silicone to the wall in vertical strips, alternating it with vertical strips of FIX-IN AT double-sided adhesive tape. Tip: to make installing the glass easier, apply enough FIX-IN SL silicone to ensure the silicone strips are thicker than the FIX-IN AT adhesive tape.

Position the glass correctly

Place setting blocks on the floor to help position the glass correctly. Place the glass on the setting blocks, then use window installer's suction cups to apply the glass to the wall. Position the glass without pushing.

Push the sheet of glass onto the wall 

Once you have found the correct position, push strongly to make the adhesive tape stick to the wall and hold the painted glass in place. The double-sided adhesive tape serves to hold the glass in place while the silicone hardens. It also maintains a ventilation space between the wall and the glass. It is essential for the silicone and the adhesive tape to be applied vertically on the glass sheet, so that air can circulate behind the glass once it is fixed in place. Warm air will naturally circulate from bottom to top.

Fit glass to the front of cabinets 

Apply FIX-IN SL silicone to the glass sheets in vertical strips, then attach them to the front of the drawer or cabinet door. The silicone is enough by itself.

Attach handles

For more information see the AGC store website: www.agc-store.com