With the FIX-IN bonding solution, installing your Lacobel or Matelac kitchen splashback has never been easier. Just follow the steps below!

Prepare the wall

Check that the wall is flat and even. Remove any dust from the wall with a brush.

Apply FIX-IN PR wall primer ​​​​​​​

Apply FIX-IN PR wall primer to porous surfaces and let dry. Some Lacobel and Matelac colours require a uniform painted background (see our FIX-IN Silicone Bonding Guide for more details). No wall primer is needed for white painted backgrounds.

Apply FIX-IN SA surface activator

If a SAFE+ safety film is present on the back of the glass, apply FIX-IN SA surface activator to the back of the glass and then gently spread it evenly across the surface with a dry cloth, making sure to always wipe gently and in the same direction. Do not rub.

Apply FIX-IN AT double sided tape

Apply FIX-IN AT double-sided tape to the wall and press firmly.

Apply FIX-IN SL silicone

Apply FIX-IN SL silicone in vertical lines or dots to the wall, observing recommended distances depending on the glass thickness (see our FIX-IN Silicone Bonding Guide for more details). Don’t forget to apply additional silicone close to cut-outs and holes.

Tip: To make installing the glass easier, apply enough FIX-IN SL silicone to ensure the silicone strips are thicker than the FIX-IN AT adhesive tape.

Remove the protective film

Remove the protective film from the FIX-IN AT

Position the sheet of glass correctly and push it onto the wall

Start installation at the outer edge. Use window installer's suction cups to apply the glass to the wall. Position the glass without pushing. Once you’ve found the correct position, push strongly to make the adhesive tape stick to the wall and hold the painted glass in place. The double-sided adhesive tape serves to hold the glass in place while the silicone hardens. It also maintains a ventilation space between the wall and the glass. It is essential for the silicone and the adhesive tape to be applied vertically to the glass sheet so that air can circulate behind the glass once it is fixed in place. Warm air will naturally circulate from bottom to top.

In moist areas, always seal the joints. While sealing the joints, protect the glass with masking tape and remove the tape as soon as the silicone has been applied.

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