Warsaw Unit
Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury Projekt
Warsaw Unit

What makes Warsaw UNIT so special is its architecture, which combines the capital’s modernist heritage with cutting-edge materials. Not only does the skyscraper’s slender body reflects the urban landscape in its blue glazing, but the part of the facade right above ground level features a uniquely kinetic ‘dragon skin’, in which thousands of scale-like tiles respond to even the gentlest gust of wind, creating the illusion of movement.

Warsaw UNIT was designed by Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury Projekt, which was also involved in the Warsaw Spire project.

In addition to 57,000 m² of office space on 45 floors, the building is also home to a commercial area and catering amenities.

The striking, two-storey, fully glazed lobby overlooks the street and almost seems to become one with the city.

AGC Stopray Vision-50T and Stopray Vision-60T were selected for Warsaw Unit’s facade. Both products combine pleasant neutral aesthetics with excellent thermal insulation.

Warsaw UNIT is the first skyscraper in Poland seeking to obtain the prestigious WELL v2 certificate, which takes the health and well-being of building users into account. It has already been awarded the BREEAM Excellent rating.

Warsaw Unit
Warsaw Unit
Warsaw Unit