Solar Carve Tower
New York
Studio Gang
United States

Ongoing urbanisation demands that architects and planners come up with new ideas to ensure sufficient sunlight makes it down to street level. Megacities in particular are becoming taller and narrower, with skyscrapers casting vast shadows.

Solar Carve New York

The architects at Studio Gang took a new approach with Solar Carve in New York, designing a twelve-storey office building with 13,500 m² of usable space based on a concept they call ‘solar carving’. This involved carefully analysing the sun’s path during the course of the day and then determining which parts of the building should be ‘carved out’ and then closed off with tilted, diamond-shaped panels. Not only does this let more sunlight reach the street, but it also generates many other benefits. In combination with low-reflective solar control glass ipasol Neutral 38/23 and ipasol Neutral 70/37 the optimised geometry reduces heat gain and prevents drivers on the adjacent West Side Highway from being dazzled by reflected sunlight. It also reduces the collision risk for migratory birds.

Anyone walking along New York's High Line on a spring afternoon will feel the pleasant warmth of the sun in places, but sunshine is not guaranteed since the path cuts through the densely built-up Meatpacking District, where tall buildings necessarily cast a certain amount of shade. With Solar Carve, however, Studio Gang deployed a special facade structure enabling sunlight to penetrate as far down as possible. Located at 40 Tenth Avenue, the building avoids casting large shadows on the High Line due to its receding, faceted glass curtain wall that allows sunlight into the park and adjacent streets.

For the glazing, the architects opted for AGC Interpane's Cradle to Cradle Certified ipasol Neutral 38/23 and ipasol Neutral 70/37. The former has a low g-value of just 23% and does an excellent job preventing interior spaces from overheating . For other parts of the building, the highly selective ipasol Neutral 70/37 was chosen to let in maximum daylight. Before the coating was applied, the panes were first toughened for safety reasons – you can even walk on them! The surfaces of this crystal-like structure were geometrically optimised and designed as a curtain wall. Viewed from the inside, these facets form a creative frame, delivering a perfect view of the Hudson River and creating interesting geometries in the offices and other common areas. The building has been awarded LEED Gold certification, to which AGC’s Cradle to Cradle Certified glazing made a positive contribution.

Solar Carve New York
Solar Carve New York
Solar Carve New York
Solar Carve New York
Solar Carve New York