Funivie Monte Bianco
Courmayeur - Entrèves
Studio Progetti Cillara Rossi

Discover the amazing Skyway, the new Mont Blanc cable car. Three stations perched one after another between heaven and earth 1,300, 2,200 and 3,466 metres above sea level. At the summit, enjoy a panoramic view over one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on the planet. The façade of this stunning building is covered with high light transmission glazing by AGC, Planibel Clearvision, enabling you to fully benefit from this 360° view over the magnificent Aosta Valley.

The Cillara Rossi architectural firm in charge of this project had put forward very strict requirements: the glass had to be perfectly neutral but still provide optimal thermal qualities. Almost 2,000 m² of glass was cut to size (each unit was a different size) and assembled as triple-glazing by the AGC Interpane plant in Plattling.

The site of the project, located in hostile terrain and exposed to the vagaries of the weather, was not the easiest. For example, the panes of glass had to be transported to the summit using a system of pulleys between the months of May and October in order to take advantage of more favourable weather conditions.

The result however is fabulous. AGC’s Planibel Clearvision offers a clear and uninterrupted view on the self-proclaimed 8th wonder of the world!