Nicola Vitarelli
Vitarelli Vetreria

We specialise in high-quality products and original designs, and we use advanced technology and high-tech tools to get the job done.

Vitarelli Vetreria has been making glass for the Italian designer furniture industry since 1934. And for over 40 years AGC has been supplying the company with glass that has been specially processed for use by high-end furniture makers.

A passion for glass in interior design

Nicola Vitarelli explains: “We originally started off in the mirror segment, but over time our passion for designer furniture grew. This encouraged us to focus on the processing of high-thickness glass products, which are mainly used and prized in interior design. Both furniture and interior design are highly demanding industries where quality is a key driver – fully in keeping with our values and how we work.”

Vitarelli’s processing team are experts in cutting, grinding, painting, toughening and laminating. “We specialise in high-quality products and original designs, and we use advanced technology and high-tech tools to get the job done.”

When it unveiled two new thicknesses for its Clearvision range, AGC knew they would be a real asset for furniture designers. “Extra-clear glass in 15 and 19 mm is still very uncommon, but it is highly sought-after for glass furniture. Having a trusted partner like AGC who can now supply thicknesses ranging from 3 to 19 mm is a real plus for us. We know we can turn to them for projects that require these products.”

From glass sheets to table tops

The first projects employing these new thicknesses are already in progress at Cattelan Italia. Founded in 1979, this designer furniture company is known for its high-quality, 100% Italian designed and manufactured furniture and unique shapes. Glass is a key component in their creations, especially for table tops, especially since it offsets and highlights the sculptural base elements of their tables.

Cattelan Italia’s glass-topped tables feature very creative bases. Paolo Cattelan, designer and CEO of Cattelan Italia, explains: “We started using Clearvision extra-clear glass for our tables back in 2000. We were attracted by the transparency, aesthetics and elegance of this extra-clear glass, since it was fully in line with our conception of design and aesthetics. It really enhances the other materials and finishes used.”

Using extra-clear glass in a table top makes it possible to fully admire the base, showcasing the beautifully embossed and hand-brushed lacquered steel finish. He concludes: “The 15 and 19 mm thicknesses recently added to the Clearvision range are a great opportunity for us to be even more daring in terms of shapes and designs, enabling us to create unique and timeless pieces. Our tables are iconic – and sometimes up to three metres long! – so adding thickness also enhances the safety of our products.”