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The quest for ever more efficient environmental performance in the construction sector is never-ending, as is the trend towards nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB).

AGC has embraced the energy transition by developing SunEwat, a full range of facade solutions that use built-in photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. The range is divided into transparent and opaque solutions that can be applied to almost any part of the building: facade windows, spandrels, cladding, roofs and other applications.

The SunEwat range is a revolution compared to conventional unattractive photovoltaic panels. The modules comply with nearly zero-energy building requirements, while offering facade designers limitless architectural and aesthetic options as well as seamless integration into buildings. SunEwat solutions are also cost-efficient, featuring record low payback periods.

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Bassel Glore
Sales Director and Business Development Manager
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In addition to the existing SunEwat, made up of square PV cells and renamed Square, the transparent range now also features SunEwat Stripe, the cells of which form thin horizontal stripes, offering greater transparency and a more refined aesthetic.