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A nature-inspired campus in magnificent green surroundings
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Spain's first smart building
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A research powerhouse at Karolinska Institutet
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A series of reflective planes standing tall in the City of London
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A sparkling landmark on the outskirts of Prague
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A stunning addition to the Gothenburg skyline
Bhadresh Parbhoo

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AkzoNobel - Amsterdam

New headquarters focused on a sustainable future

Cradle to Cradle: our commitment to sustainability

Glass is now more environmentally responsible than ever before thanks to Cradle to Cradle certification. We offer the world's most comprehensive portfolio of glass products certified by the Cradle to Cradle Institute.
Cradle to Cradle
Francesca Nolli
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Francesca NolliAsset Manager - Cromwell Group

At Cromwell we’re always looking to implement circular practices and reduce our carbon emissions. Materials such as concrete, steel and glass are the most carbon-intensive and also represent the biggest opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint. That’s what makes AGC Low-Carbon Glass a perfect fit for us and our strategy and that’s why we wanted it for Nervesa 21.