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Matelac T is a painted glass with a matt finish which, just like its glossy counterpart Lacobel T, offers the unique benefit that it can be cut and heat-treated directly by the processor, streamlining the production process and shortening delivery times. Highly resistant to scratches and thermal shocks, Matelac T is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

AGC recommends that Matelac T products be processed by an AGC Certified Processor. This will ensure the processed glass is of superior quality and eliminate any risks for the end customer.

Matelac T Benefits

cradle to cradle bronze
These products are Cradle to Cradle Certified®Bronze.
Our driving principle is to develop products that have a positive impact on the environment during their lifetime. More than 75% of our products are Cradle to Cradle Certified® .
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Certified processors
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For your peace of mind, we recommend that Lacobel T and Matelac T painted glass be processed by one of our AGC certified processors.

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Try our FIX-IN Cleaning kit for end-users and discover it by yourself. This kit is the perfect solution for cleaning even our acid etched glass range and Clearsight anti-reflective glass.

Matelac T Product range

AGC DeepBlack
AGC AnthraciteGrey
AGC ZenGrey
AGC Moka
AGC CoolWhite
AGC CrispWhite
AGC MistyWhite
AGC OysterWhite
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When we recognised that our market was struggling to differentiate between environmentally ‘clean’ products and others, we set out to find a third-party product standard that would ensure that our products with better environmental performance could be easily differentiated from others on the market.

Matelac T Applications

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Volatile Organic Compounds
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