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Low-Carbon Glass is the latest innovation in our glass range, boasting a significantly reduced carbon footprint. To produce Low-Carbon Glass, we took a holistic approach to every part of the manufacturing process in order to optimise CO2 emissions, not only before and during the production process itself, but up to and including delivery to the customer.

Through this in-depth process we developed Low-Carbon Planibel Clearlite, our low-carbon float glass featuring a reduced carbon footprint. Low-Carbon Planibel Clearlite looks the same and delivers exactly the same performance as standard Planibel Clearlite float glass.

It can be laminated or coated with solar control or thermal insulation coatings and can be processed into double and triple glazing units.

Embrace the future of glass by adopting the new normal: AGC Low-Carbon Glass.

Low-Carbon Glass Benefits

Low-Carbon Glass Product range

Low-Carbon Planibel Clearlite

Low-Carbon Planibel Clearlite is our low-carbon float glass whose carbon footprint has been slashed by 40%. Low-Carbon Planibel Clearlite looks identical to and delivers the exact same performance as standard Planibel Clearlite float glass. The perfect base glass for laminated, acoustic, solar control and thermal insulation coatings.

Low-Carbon Glass Applications

Francesca Nolli
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Francesca NolliAsset Manager - Cromwell Group

At Cromwell we’re always looking to implement circular practices and reduce our carbon emissions. Materials such as concrete, steel and glass are the most carbon-intensive and also represent the biggest opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint. That’s what makes AGC Low-Carbon Glass a perfect fit for us and our strategy and that’s why we wanted it for Nervesa 21.

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