François Leclercq (Leclercq Associés), Nicolas Laisné (Nicolas Laisné Architectes), Dimitri Roussel (DREAM) and Hubert & Roy

Arboretum is an office complex where the health and well-being of occupants is of paramount importance. Located in the La Défense business district on the outskirts of Paris, on the site of former paper mills in Nanterre and next to one of the most beautiful parks on the banks of the Seine, this stunning project comprises five new wooden buildings as well as two heritage buildings.


An unprecedented low-carbon office campus
Designed by architects François Leclercq (Leclercq Associés), Nicolas Laisné (Nicolas Laisné Architectes), Dimitri Roussel (DREAM) and Hubert & Roy, the project developed a brownfield site into a 125,000 m2 low-carbon office campus on a park covering 9 hectares –the largest tertiary campus in the Paris region in terms of both office space and land size.

Exemplary ecological design
The materials, construction methods, architecture and operation of the buildings were all designed to reduce the campus’ environmental impact over its entire life cycle. Its overall carbon footprint is 48% lower than that of a typical modern conventional building. Featuring bio-sourced materials, bioclimatic design, reuse of materials and on-site renewable energy generation, the site is a model of simplicity, restraint and sustainable development: energy consumption is 2.5 times lower than that of typical French offices (62% less total energy consumption compared to the average).

A new way of working and well-being: offices surrounded by nature
Arboretum was specifically designed to offer a multitude of work-related options and services: meeting rooms in the park, large office spaces bathed in natural light, generous terraces on each floor serving as an extension of the offices and linked by outdoor staircases, eight restaurants, 1,900 m² of indoor sports facilities, a conference and meeting centre, an open-air green amphitheatre that can accommodate 600 people – and more!

Plenty of light, comfort and natural beauty
For the glazing, the architects selected AGC Energy 72/38, which delivers abundant daylight, excellent solar protection and great thermal insulation, ensuring occupants always feel in touch with the surrounding natural environment at all times.

Awards and certifications
Not only did the project win in the Best Futura Project category at the 2022 MIPIM Awards, but was also awarded the BBCA Excellence label and is BREEAM Excellent certified.