Joost Plompen
Joost Plompen

It was an interesting process to play with the interlayers and achieve the colour schemes the architect had in mind while also defining the building's character.

Gilles Marty
Gilles Marty

We studied all the details and worked closely with AGC on these glass solutions to ensure that all types of glazing used were perfectly harmonised to create a pleasing overall look.

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Paul Gheysens

AGC’s Glassiled Motion is one of those exceptional solutions that caught our attention for the Antwerp Bosuil Football stadium. It offered the best of glazing combined to LED technology, transforming the windows of the lounge area into a giant screen on games night. This innovative glass-embedded screen is a great communication channel for the stadium partners and brings modernity to the architecture with no compromise on design and aesthetics.

Benoit Muylkens

Planibel Easy glass produced by AGC induces a faster delay of the virus than other materials such as plastic or untreated glass.

Michele Tadini

Going to Plattling to choose the coating was great since it gave us a chance to select the colour of the glass in person. We used to have to choose the glass from a catalogue with a limited range of options, instead of seeing the custom glass on the actual building.