Innovation stories

AGC leverages Low-Carbon Glass range to address customers’ sustainability concerns

AGC Glass Europe is constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes to ensure a sustainable future. AGC’s first Low-Carbon Glass range is a key milestone in AGC’s carbon neutrality roadmap. We are delighted to offer our customers a glass which, from the extraction of raw materials to final installation, generates around 40% less CO2 than our standard glass.
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Delivering glass solutions for the cities of tomorrow

The world around us is changing fast: smarter and greener cities, advanced connectivity and new models of mobility. The rising demand for smart cities and sustainable living is being supported by major advances in technology - and glass is playing its part.
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OverSized Glass sets out to conquer the market

Do you want 9 m, 12 m, 16 m or bigger? While glass was once confined to the traditional limit of 6 m x 3.21 m, today it is continuously beating old records in terms of length. There is very strong international demand from high-profile projects seeking to deliver sweeping, seamless panoramic views.
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A Czech landmark showcasing Imagin patterned glass

The Tomáš Baťa Memorial, designed by prominent Zlín architect F. L. Gahura and built in 1933, is a high point of Zlín functionalism. Severely damaged during the bombing of Zlín in 1944, the Memorial was rebuilt and repurposed in 1954 as the House of Arts, a concert hall and gallery. Decades later, the project to renovate the Memorial and restore it to its original form began in 2016 and finally, in 2019, the Tomáš Baťa Memorial was reopened to the public. The interior features a model of the Junkers airplane in which Tomáš Baťa met his tragic end in 1932.
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Fineo – top performance in insulating glass technology

For the very best thermal and acoustic insulation, the only choice used to be triple glazing. But that’s a compromise: triple glazing makes for extremely thick glass, noticeably reducing light transmission.
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Falcon glass: thin, strong and affordable

Multiple industries – electronics, automotive and, to a lesser extent, construction – require glass that is both thin and strong. That’s why AGC’s R&D Centre in Gosselies, Belgium developed Falcon, a thin, super-strong glass with the highest level of light transmission ever achieved in Europe. Falcon glass is manufactured at our plant in Mol, Belgium.
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