AGC supplies glass for The Sign
Progetto CMR Massimo Roj Architects

AGC Flat Glass Italia, the Italian branch of AGC Glass Europe, is once again involved in the urban regeneration of Milan: supplying glass for The Sign, an innovative business complex – comprising three buildings, mainly office space – that is helping to define the city’s new sustainable and inclusive face.


Built on the site of the former Vedani foundry (which dates back to the 1950s), The Sign is part of a wider redevelopment project involving the entire urban area southwest of Milan.

To create glazed facades for this extraordinary piece of architecture that were capable of meeting the highly demanding aesthetic and performance requirements, the architects opted to use full-height insulating glass units featuring three AGC products: Energy 72/38T, Stratophone iplus and iplus 1.0 on Clearlite.

Energy 72/38T selective toughened glass lets in the highest level of natural light while minimising solar heat gain. Not only does it combine excellent selectivity with a totally neutral appearance, but it can be curved and/or combined with other AGC products for additional performance. In other words, this extremely versatile product delivers maximum comfort.

Stratophone iplus combines the excellent performance of the special acoustic PVB interlayer – which acts as a barrier that prevents noise from passing through the glass – with the thermal insulation properties of the iplus range.

To ensure comfort for building occupants, iplus 1.0 delivers excellent thermal insulation with a positive impact on energy savings. When used in double and triple glazing for residential and commercial applications, iplus 1.0 lets abundant light into the building thanks to its high light transmission, low reflection and very neutral appearance.