Fachada del edificio Hines, en Barcelona, desarrollada por Tecalum Sistemes
A "green" refurbishment
Hines project in Barcelona

AGC Flat Glass Ibérica has been chosen as the supplier of the Vision Square photovoltaic glass used in the renovation of the façade of the Hines building on Barcelona's famous Paseo de Gracia.

Tecalum Sistemes executed, according to the project, the two façades of the refurbishment of the Hines building. The solutions made with AGC's Vision Square photovoltaic glass were key to meet the high technical and energetic requirements requested and required by the building's owner.

According to Tecalum Sistemes, the challenge posed by the owner "forced" them to develop a specific photovoltaic ventilated façade for this project. Taking into account the special location of the building, situated on the busiest shopping street in Barcelona, it was necessary to combine energy efficiency, as well as giving the building a modern and up-to-date image that would blend in with the area where it is located.

The combination of these two factors (energy efficiency and modernity) has allowed the Hines building to achieve significant energy savings, in addition to meeting the specifications necessary to achieve the required LEED certification.

As a consequence of the complexity and difficulty of the project, Tecalum Sistemes designed and calculated the anchoring system, the modulation and integral adaptation to the façade.

About AGC's Vision Square glass

Vision Square and Vision Stripe are transparent laminated glazing with integrated photovoltaic elements from the SunEwat range.

The SunEwat range of photovoltaic glass can generate energy while letting in sunlight. By encapsulating photovoltaic cells between two sheets of glass, energy can be created in canopies, skylights and façade glass. It creates a feeling of openness and offers solar control performance by taking advantage of the characteristics of glass and allows a high degree of design flexibility, as the cells can be freely arranged. In this context, AGC's photovoltaic glass, which contributes to the realisation of Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) and a carbon neutral society, will bring new possibilities for glass.

By allowing architects and designers to take an artistic approach to vision glass elements as well as spandrel and cladding elements, SunEwat Vision offers elegant solutions that enhance the use of green energy while maintaining the transparency and functionality of the glazing.

For more information on our SunEwat photovoltaic glass range, please visit https://agc-activeglass.com/en/sunewat/