Stand de AGC en Architect@Work Barcelona 2021
Clearsight and SunEwat, AGC's major innovations
Clearsight and SunEwat, AGC's major innovations

AGC was present at the last edition of the Architect@Work fair, an exclusive international fair reserved for architects, interior designers, designers and a small group of specifiers in the construction sector, held in Barcelona on 15 and 16 September.

At the stand visitors were able to find two of the most important innovations in AGC's extensive portfolio of ranges, Clearsight anti-reflective glass and SunEwat energy-generating glass for façades.


The perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetics

SunEwat is the one-stop-shop for PV-integrated glass solutions, developed in partnership with solar energy providers. SunEwat has efficiency and environmental performance ratings consistent with Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) standards.

Efficiency and payback

SunEwat focuses on efficiency, providing opaque and aesthetically pleasing integrated solutions for spandrels and cladding components with a payback period similar to traditional rooftop PV units.

No compromise on aesthetics: façade glass can be active without any negative visual impact.
Competitive pricing: implementing AGC's innovative technologies in energy-generating façades means low payback periods.
Building autonomy: sensors integrated in the double glazing unit can activate the building management system.
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Clearsight is the ideal choice for applications requiring excellent transparency and minimal glare. The special anti-reflective coating minimises glare and reduces light reflection to less than 1%, much lower than the typical 8% of conventional float glass. When viewed from the outside, Clearsight improves visibility. Because the glass is so transparent and does not reflect its surroundings, any object showing behind it is crystal clear. In addition, the application of Clearsight to the inner glass of windows drastically reduces reflections so that anyone looking out enjoys a clear, unobstructed view.

Clearsight can be toughened and laminated for increased safety and performance.

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