Our sixty Account Managers, located in five Customer Care Centres (CCCs) across Europe are dedicated to helping our customers with their everyday concerns. They help our customers and answer their questions about orders, deliveries, invoices, claims and more. However, some customers are increasingly willing to take on more of these duties themselves, outside of regular business hours, which is why AGC launched My AGC Glass, an online platform customers can use to manage everything themselves, such as ordering glass and viewing price lists, invoices, current orders, ageing balances and much more.
AGC at your fingertips

With AGC’s customer-centric approach, the aim is to continually expand our range of services, all of which are designed to help our customers boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge in their own business. Our customers can now use My AGC Glass, a unique online platform they can use to see all their AGC business activities at a glance. Customers can easily view their day-to-day business with AGC, send an online order to their CCC Account Manager, access their sales and order history and all associated files, pay for orders online and track truckloads to help them plan deliveries on-site.

Fast, easy and fun

Thanks to the platform’s responsive design, customers can enjoy fast access to the tool anywhere, anytime. They can easily update their profile to ensure the correct company details are used, explore quick links to other AGC tools, consult price lists, view useful contact numbers and easily share data with colleagues – all features that make this portal an invaluable ally in our customers’ everyday work. While this will save customers valuable time by reducing follow-up calls and e-mails to their CCC Account Manager, the dynamic communication platform also allows the CCC Account Manager to concentrate on performing added value tasks for their customers.

A real win-win!