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Thanks to the help of experts, I learned that AGC Stratophone glazing provides sound insulation quality far superior to that of conventional double glazing.

Noise is a consequence of our current way of life. It can come from many sources: transport (road, rail, air, etc.), the local neighbourhood (restaurants, busy public areas, proximity to a school, works, etc.), technical installations in buildings (refrigerators, ventilation shafts, chimneys, air conditioning, heating systems, etc.) and so on. Whether we’re at home or work, noise can become a source of stress and can negatively impact our health (sleep disorders, psychological disorders, etc.). Protecting yourself from noise is a necessity – and thankfully there are effective solutions for that very purpose.

Finding a solution to prevent noise

This is the choice made by Christophe, who lives in Namur, Belgium. Christophe and his family live on a busy road. The office and the living room, both located on the street side of the house, had been invaded by noise, making them unpleasant rooms to spend any time in. They decided to change their window frames and glass, opting for AGC Stratophone double glazing. As Christophe recounts: “At the start I didn’t really think that the glass itself could have a major impact on the amount of noise a window lets through, but when you think about it, the glass surface is far bigger than the surface of the frame. So I took an approach that focused not only on the frame but on the glass too. With the help of experts, I learned that AGC Stratophone glazing provides sound insulation quality that far exceeds that of conventional double glazing."

True comfort at home

Christophe and his family noticed a significant change once the new frames fitted with Stratophone glazing had been installed. The noise level dropped by nearly 50%! Christophe confirms: "The benefits in terms of living comfort in the house are obvious, especially in the living room upstairs. Previously, we barely set foot there because it was so noisy, but since replacing our windows it’s now a quiet, pleasant room where we can enjoy family activities and relax."

Benefits of Stratophone

Stratophone glass provides superb sound insulation. Our tested and certified Stratophone glass products have the same safety protection properties as Stratobel glazing, while also absorbing sound and blocking out noise. The specially designed acoustic PVB acts as a barrier that prevents noise from passing through the glass. The higher the sound insulation level of the glazing, the greater the comfort, which in turn has a positive impact on well-being and health.

Stratophone glazing is available in a variety of thicknesses and compositions. It can be delivered in safety versions and fitted with insulating glass.