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The world around us is changing fast: cities are becoming smarter and greener, and new models of mobility are being rolled out. These changes are being supported by major advances in technology, and glass is playing its part. The advent of smart cities requires advanced connectivity, which is where AGC comes in. Wave by AGC can help build tomorrow’s connected cities by delivering a range of innovative telecom solutions that deliver better connectivity outdoors in cities as well as inside buildings.

Today’s energy-efficient buildings tend to incorporate more and more insulating materials, including glass, that hinder the passage of radio waves into the premises. But thanks to its special coating applied directly to the glass, WAVETHRU restores high-quality phone coverage for building occupants without compromising on the aesthetics or thermal performance of windows.

As telecom operators densify their networks, they need to either upgrade existing sites by adding more antennas or find new sites. But there is another option: WAVEATTOCH, a transparent 4G/5G antenna capable of enhancing the density of the outdoor network. The antenna is installed indoors (behind the window) and complies with regulatory limits on electromagnetic fields. It integrates seamlessly and perfectly unobtrusively into any glass facade to support network densification, especially in urban areas.

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