Practically everyone is familiar with touch screens – primarily thanks to smartphones and tablets. These thin yet extremely scratch-resistant glass surfaces, which sometimes feature rounded edges, are increasingly part of the design of modern communication devices.

In the years ahead ultra-thin glass will become especially prevalent in consumer electronics. Touch screens can already be found almost everywhere in a wide variety of applications. They are even used to control machinery in industrial manufacturing. The benefit is self-evident: smooth glass surfaces are less susceptible to soiling than keyboards. And glass boasts a key benefit: it is highly scratch-resistant, which means that glass surfaces are rarely damaged.

Why choose AGC for display glass?

Over the years, AGC has made a major effort to develop a wide range of glass compositions – some as thin as 0.5mm – for PCs, laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, digital signage, interactive flat panel displays, anti-glare screens, protective screens and many other applications. We also offer a wide choice of processing options and anti-glare treatments that can be applied in our own specialised facilities.

Discover some of our solutions.

Special compositions

Thin and ultra-thin glass

Thin and ultra-thin glass is available in a wide range of compositions, thicknesses and dimensions for use in a very wide range of applications.

Falcon glass

AGC’s Falcon glass is a new type of aluminosilicate thin glass suitable for chemical toughening and produced using our the very high-quality, cost-efficient float process. From mobile devices to high-performance assemblies for the building and transport industries, Falcon delivers the highest performance at an affordable cost.

TIREXtreme glass

AGC’s TIREXtreme glass is a clear float glass with superb light transmission in the near-infrared range that has been optimised for waveguide applications. This makes it the material of choice for any application dealing with near-infrared and the perfect solution for use in-glass infrared touch technologies in large displays.

Anti-glare treatment

AGC offers four ranges of anti-glare acid-etched glass with different gloss levels for display applications:

  • LST (Low Sparkling Touch)
  • VLST (Very Low Sparkling Touch)
  • NST (No Sparkling Touch)
  • Falcon Matte and Falcon Satin

Produced on ultra-thin float glass, the aim of the anti-glare treatment is to reduce the negative effect of incident light by diffusing reflections. It confers anti-glare performance while offering optimal contrast and true colour rendering with controlled haze.

Glass with anti-glare treatment
Silk-screen printing

AGC has dedicated state-of-the-art facilities for processing display screen glass:

  • display glass can be produced in sizes ranging from 20’’ to 100’’
  • available in a wide range of thicknesses: from 0.7 to 8 mm
  • silkscreen printing in clean room conditions
  • an anti-fingerprint coating can be applied
  • etc.

Download documents

Anti-Glare Acid-Etched Glass Factsheet

Falcon Glass Datasheet

Thin Glass Factsheet

TIREXtreme Factsheet