SOHO ATLAS Architectes

Linux, the stunning new headquarters building of Danone Africa and Blédina located on the Techlid site just outside Lyon, France, has been the proud new workplace for some 450 employees since late 2017.

From the outside the building has a very organic appearance reminiscent of a hand with three fingers pointing east and two west, and surrounded by nature in all its twists and turns. The centre of the building represents the palm of the hand. The atrium is like a village square, a place where employees can meet and chat under a 240 m² glass canopy that floods the space with light.

The performance objective for this glazing was to achieve a particularly low solar factor of 17%. The canopy, consisting of 284 triangular panes of different sizes, is made of units comprising an exterior sheet of 8 mm glass with a selective ipasol Platin 25/17 coating, a 16 mm argon-filled space and laminated Stratobel 55/2 on the interior side.

The facade features 1,400 m² of AGC glazing, comprising iplus Advanced 1.0 insulating glazing combined with 6 mm clear glass or, on the ground floor, anti-burglar laminated glazing.