AGC ha desarrollado una gama completa de productos y servicios que le permiten centrarse de lleno en sus proyectos decorativos con una idea clara y sin distracciones.

Descubra todas nuestras gamas de productos de vidrio decorativo, así como las herramientas y accesorios de instalación que tenemos a su disposición. Y obtenga más información sobre nuestros servicios y redes que le apoyarán y simplificarán su vida.

Todas las posibilidades con el único socio que necesita: AGC.

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Our environmental certifications

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Our AGC deco partners

Distribution network

Our distribution network

Certified processors

Our certified processors

Technical support

Our technical support

Our glass ranges

MyColour by Lacobel/Matelac

Our custom colour service

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Our bonding and cleaning solutions


Our solutions for safety glass

Industrial quality

Our controlled industrial quality

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Our decorative solutions
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Our decorative glass range

Make a statement and personalise your projects with coloured glass, mirrors, satin-finish glass, patterned glass or painted glass. You can even select the perfect colour from our painted glass range and opt for a shiny or matt finish in line with your style or visual identity. We offer a wide range of decorative glass products for indoor and outdoor use, in a large choice of colours and finishes. There is a decorative glass solution for every application: furniture, wall cladding, partitions, facades and more. Just follow your inspiration!

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Deco Solutions MyColous
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Deco solutions Lacobel Matelac
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Beyond glass

For your peace of mind when embarking on a project with AGC decorative glass; we provide a wide range of options, services, guarantees and certifications:

  • MyColour by Lacobel/Matelac or MyColour by Stratobel, our custom colour service
  • FIX-IN, our bonding and cleaning solutions
  • Our tightly controlled industrial quality
  • TAS, our technical support team
  • Our distribution network and AGC Deco Partners network
  • Our safety and security glass solutions
  • Our certified processors
  • Our environmental certifications
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AGC has developed a complete range of products and services so you can focus fully on your ideas and project with a clear mind and no distractions. At AGC, that's what we do.

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