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Incorporating glass into floors, stairs and roofs is a big challenge for manufacturers and designers. Using special architectural glass that has been chemically treated, heat-treated and/or laminated, it is possible to make it strong enough to support its own weight and the weight of the people on it. AGC also offers various tints of glass and surface treatments that deliver additional benefits, such as anti-slip properties or diffused lighting. Special laminated compositions ensure maximum safety for glass roofs. 

Zaryadye Park - The Concert Hall and Amphitheater
Zaryadye Park - The Concert Hall and Amphitheater - Moscow

Neutral glass structures that harmoniously mimic the surrounding landscape

Hugues Lefevre
Hugues Lefèvre
Product Manager Health, Safety and Security Glass, Europe
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I started my career at AGC 25 years ago and while I had the opportunity to grow and evolve in various business units and departments, I never stopped being amazed at how versatile and innovative glass is. Glass offers so many solutions and helps to make our world a better, healthier and safer place to live in. There is no way not to be passionate about this amazing and noble material!

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Neutral glass structures that harmoniously mimic the surrounding landscape
case study image
Spectacular glass roof creates a huge translucent shelter

Floors, stairs and roofs: our solutions

Prized for the uniform grain of its finish, Matelux is available in three clear and three coloured versions, along with four special options.

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Planibel Easy is a special coating that destroys organic dirt, leaving windows clean. Ideal for conservatories, glass roofs and windows.

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Extra-clear float glass with unparalleled 92% light transmission for maximum daylight benefits.

Stratobel laminated glass enables almost all AGC glass products to be combined with transparent or translucent coloured PVB interlayers.

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Eight standard colour options (the classic range) for trendy solutions that can be used in safety and security applications.

A full range of facade solutions generating energy using built-in photovoltaic cells. The range is divided into transparent and opaque solutions.

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