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Keeping heat in

Thanks to its superb thermal insulation performance, this coated glass not only keeps the heat inside your home, but also inside your oven. In most European countries, the use of low-e glass is mandatory in all window applications.

Window La Défense
Window La Défense - Paris

Rippled glass facade reminiscent of a theatre curtain

Thermal insulation (Low-E): our brands



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Glass for thermal insulation

Low-emissivity coatings specifically designed for thermal insulation, resulting in a more comfortable living space. Mainly for the residential segment.

Perfect For
  • Windows
  • Doors and partitions
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Easy to process

Planibel Pyrolitic Low-E

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High-performance low-emissivity glass

Low-emissivity glass with a hard coating that is very easy to process and very scratch-resistant. Ideal for use in domestic appliances.

Perfect For
  • Windows
  • Easy to process
  • Heat-treating
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Scratch-resistance
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