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In line with the company’s sustainable approach, AGC offers an enhanced range of ecological mirrors. In addition to the well-known Mirox MNGE, a high-quality standard mirror, AGC now offers a premium mirror, Mirox 4Green. This product delivers the same high-quality performance as Mirox MNGE but stands out for its use of lead-free paints and its high opacity, making it ideal for backlighting applications. 

Deepthi Kurian
Sustainability & Product Stewardship Specialist
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When we recognised that our market was struggling to differentiate between environmentally ‘clean’ products and others, we set out to find a third-party product standard that would ensure that our products with better environmental performance could be easily differentiated from others on the market.

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The full FIX-IN range comprises five products tested and approved by AGC that enable the perfect and durable installation of our back painted glass and mirrors.

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Fully opaque lead-free mirror, the solution for backlit applications, available in 5 colours.

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High-quality standard mirrors for enhanced spaces, available in 5 colours.

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