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With Clearsight, AGC offers the most transparent anti-reflective glass on the market, making it the perfect choice for any glass display case that needs to perfectly present the object behind it. Designers can also choose from a wide range of decorative and laminated glass products to enhance the design and security options of any shop or museum. 

Deepthi Kurian
Sustainability & Product Stewardship Specialist
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When we recognised that our market was struggling to differentiate between environmentally ‘clean’ products and others, we set out to find a third-party product standard that would ensure that our products with better environmental performance could be easily differentiated from others on the market.

Retail and museum display cases: our solutions

Clearsight, our brand of anti-reflective coating

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Extra-clear float glass with unparalleled 92% light transmission for maximum daylight benefits.

Stratobel laminated glass enables almost all AGC glass products to be combined with transparent or translucent coloured PVB interlayers.

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Eight standard colour options (the classic range) for trendy solutions that can be used in safety and security applications.

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