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The carbon footprint of every renovation and new build project has become a central concern for architects and investors. To address these concerns, AGC has further pushed the boundaries of its commitment to sustainable manufacturing by introducing the option of producing glass in custom sizes.

With the Tailor-Made Sizes service you can now order glass in custom length for your project, resulting in better production yield, faster processing and cost savings.

Tailor-Made Sizes service provides a sustainable approach for every project. When ordering glass that is the right size, only the necessary amount of glass is produced, which in turn prevents waste and reduces the project’s environmental footprint.

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Lorenzo Pesce
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In today's market architects are designing ever taller and ever more spectacular buildings, but typically in an environmentally responsible way. In response to this concern and growing demand from glass processors and facade makers to reduce waste, AGC decided to take its commitment to sustainable production a step further by making it possible to produce glass in perfectly customised lengths right from the outset.

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