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When you want to design something truly special, Stratobel EVA Creation allows you to combine decorative properties with laminated glass to achieve a particular look or function. Unlike PVB, EVA is soft and malleable when heated, making it possible to incorporate other materials between two or more interlayers, including steel mesh, PET films, visuals, textile fibres, stone and photovoltaic cells. Usually heat-treated, it is highly resistant to heating and moisture.

To give you maximum flexibility, Stratobel EVA Creation is available in the following ranges:

  • Graphic (fabric printed with a design of your choice)

  • Cloudy (non-woven white polyester grid)

  • Inoxia (perforated stainless-steel sheet)

  • Irisia (bronze metallic mesh)

  • Artlite (screen-printed with a design on the film)

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