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Clearsight is the ideal choice for applications requiring superb transparency and minimal reflection. The special anti-reflective coating minimises glare and slashes light reflection to less than 1%, far lower than the typical 8% of conventional float glass. When looking in from the outside, Clearsight enhances visibility. Since the glass is so transparent and does not reflect its surroundings, any objects displayed behind it are crystal clear. Moreover, applying Clearsight to the inner pane of windows drastically reduces reflections so that anyone inside looking out enjoys a clear and unobstructed view.

Clearsight is well known for display showcases in museums but it is also becoming increasingly popular in other segments, such as retail, showrooms, sports facilities, observation decks, control towers, high-end homes, outdoor advertising and zoos. The glass can be tempered and laminated for improved security and safety performance.

Clearsight Benefits

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Clearsight Product range


Anti-reflective glass with less than 1% light reflection. Can be used as monolithic glass or in double glazing and can be laminated. Ideal for applications requiring a high degree of transparency.

* Indicated values are based on Simple glazing 4 mm

  • Lt
    99 %
  • Sf
    84 %
  • Lr
    1 %
  • Ug
  • Can be heat treated
Liesbeth Bracke
Product Manager Clearsight
expert talk

I cannot wait to discover the next astonishing application of Clearsight, where anti-reflective glass is an essential requirement in creating a nearly invisible glass experience.

Clearsight Applications

Oliver CafmeyerDirector and co-owner - Cafmeyer Gallery

It was definitely worth the investment. The results are so much bigger and better than I imagined. I would definitely recommend Clearsight anti-reflective glass. Considering the results it brings, I’m a bit surprised it’s not more widely used in high-end luxury boutiques. It’s absolutely something I recommend for your front window.

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