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Stopray Smart 18
- ensures excellent glare control



Stopray Smart 18 is a new top-class magnetron-coated glazing in the Stopray Smart family. Apart from providing superb solar control and thermal insulation, this glazing with a silver layer ensures excellent glare control. Stopray Smart 18 has a low internal reflection providing comfortable environment inside the building and delivering perfect view towards the outside world. Stopray Smart 18 has attractive silver appearance making the product in line with current architectural trends. For safety reasons, Stopray Smart 18 must be heat-treated. As all the other Stopray Smart family products, it does not require any edge-deletion of the coating.


  • Coating combining maximum solar control with thermal insulation: balance between a high level of natural light and a low level of heat throughout
  • Attractive silver appearance
  • Low internal light reflection, guaranteeing a neutral aspect and a perfect view towards the outside world
  • No edge deletion required
  • Easy and fast to process


Stopray Smart 18 coating has been developed for exterior applications in facades on all types of commercial buildings.

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