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- Spandrel glazing with optimal aesthetics and processing properties



Blackpearl is an annealed coloured substrate glass. One of the faces is subject to an on-line surface treatment which gives it a light transmission value close to zero (almost completely opaque).

The surface treatment also gives the product long-lasting high levels of chemical and mechanical resistance.

When used as a spandrel, Blackpearl must be installed facing the inside of the building and must always be toughened. The surface coating, which is particularly scratch-resistant and helps give it its final appearance, is always placed in position 4.


  • Blackpearl can be assembled with all types of glass as double glazing. The outer sheet of the vision and spandrel sections will be identical.
  • Blackpearl spandrel glazing can be delivered in stock sheets which means that deliveries can be made from existing stock.
  • Blackpearl can be processed in the same way as float glass: toughening without convection, no need for edge deletion.
  • It can be used indoors (double-sided mirrors, showers, glass partitions) and outdoors (spandrels). 


  • Showers
  • Double-sided mirrors
  • Spandrels
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