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T-Sunlux, a temperable magnetron coated glass, has a strong and durable coating that is able to go through tempering without compromising on its appearance.

This reflective solar control glass specializes in blocking heat and is a great fit for architectural glass applications where heavy sun makes excessive solar heat gain.

It also offers architects and glass processors limitless creativity to use a single glass in several ways: single glass, double and triple glazed units, laminated, bent and toughened.

Key Advantages

  • Long shelf-life allows for long-term proper storage practice.
  • Limitless creativity for architects:
    • one type of glass with versatile applications.
    • A far-reaching range of different and beautiful aesthetics thanks to a combination of three different reflective coatings with a large range of colored glass.



Ideal for exterior applications such as facades and windows for office and residential buildings. It can also be used for interior applications like partitions, wall cladding or kitchen splash back.


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