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Polished Wire



AGC Polished Wired glass is made with lengths of wire or wire mesh embedded in the glass during the manufacturing process. The integrated metal wire mesh holds the glass in place in case of breakage.

Wired glass may be used as a fire-rated product (meets Integrity 45 - 60 mins according to JIS R 3204:1994 and BS 476: Part 22: 1987) in limited applications. Wired glass should not be used in applications that require safety glazing.

Available in 2 textures:

- Polished glass surfaces offering high transparency and suitable as fire resistant glazing (for 6.8mm)

- Figured glass surface offering a degree of privacy and suitable for decorative applications

Available in 3 patterns (Hishiwire, Crosswire, Asahiline) offering flexibility in applications.

Key Advantages

  • Uniformity in apperance and quality over large glass formats due to systematic online quality control
  • Stable positioning of wire mesh in glass throughout stock sheets
  • Ease of handling and fabrication of wired glass (ease of cutting with good consistent edge quality) for processors
  • Tested and compliant to EN and JIS fire resistance standards Comprehensive range


Interior use: walls, furniture, partitions and doors.

Exterior use: doors and windows, fa├žade, atriums and roofs

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